Q-LED Toyota Hilux 21- LED light bar bracket

Q-LED is an extra headlight bracket with a stylish design that makes your LED-light stable and safe.

With a LED-lamp, you create a safer and better driving experience on unlit roads.

Q-LED is specifically designed to securely and discreetly attach an LED-lamp in the front of the car.

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Benefits with Q-LED

  • Stabil installation då Q-led monteras mot bilens krockbalk.
  • Din LED-ramp kan monteras högre vilket ger en bättre ljusbild.
  • Manufactured in aluminum which is a light material that don't weigh down your car.


  • Pipe dimension: Ø60mm
  • Total width: 763mm
  • Total depth against car front: 75mm (plus part of Q-LED bar).
  • Q-LED är utvecklad för 20" LED-ramper med infästningen på sidorna.
  • Läs mer om LED-ramper som passar Q-led i relaterade produkter nedan.

Information About This Car Model

  • Här används Qpaxs Q-GRIP system. Montaget kläms runt krockbalken och ger en stabil infästning för er LED-ramp.

Time To Install

  • 1 Hour


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