Q-LIGHT Toyota Hilux 21- frontbar for 4pcs auxiliary lights

Q-LIGHT is an extra headlight bracket that makes the installation of extra headlights simple and stable.

With extra light, you create a safer and better driving experience on unlit roads.

Q-LIGHT is designed to easily and discreetly attach extra lights to the front of the car.

Quick info

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Benefits with Q-LIGHT

  • Stable installation
  • Manufactured in aluminium which is light and does not affect your cars weight.
  • Give your extra headlight great support and a functional design.


  • Product group: E63-1
  • Pipe dimension: 60mm
  • Total width: 1019mm
  • Nr of extra headlights to mount: 34pcs (max 4xØ240mm)

Information About This Car Model

  • Installed with QPAXs Q-GRIP system.
  • Mounted to the front frame/beam.
  • NOTE! Compatible with radar in embleme.

Time To Install

  • 2 Hour


Installation Sheet