Q-LIGHT VW Transporter 20- frontbar for 4pcs aux. lights

Q-LIGHT is an extra headlight bracket that makes the installation of extra headlights simple and stable.

With extra light, you create a safer and better driving experience on unlit roads.

Q-LIGHT is designed to easily and discreetly attach extra lights to the front of the car.

Quick info

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Benefits with Q-LIGHT

  • Stable installation
  • Manufactured in aluminum which is a light material that don't weigh down your car.
  • Give your extra headlights great support and functional design.


  • Product group: E63-1
  • Pipe dimension: Ø60mm
  • Total width: 1019mm
  • Bracket for headlights: 4pcs fixed (max Ø240mm)

Information About This Car Model

  • The product is attached to the front frame with a consle.
  • Front bumper is removed when installing the product.
  • NOTE!
    Tested and compatible with Seeker NS9 LED Ø220mm, radar under embleme not affected.

    NOTE! The lamps need to be moved to the side,away fome the radar, by changing fixpoint on the lamps fot.For other auxiliary lights, use accessorie: 98605. 
  • Stabilizers may be needed to the aux. lights (included).
  • Recommended max weight of lights: 2kg/pc.

Time To Install

  • 1 Hour 30 Minutes


Installation Sheet