S-BAR sidebar (side protection) Mercedes Sprinter L2 07- Wheel base 3665mm

T-RACK makes it easy to be seen in the dark! T-RACK front roof frame is developed to be able to safely mount a LED-lamp or extra headlight on the roof of your car.

It is also possible to install work lighting that simplifies work in the dark and warning lights to meet the requirements for working next to the road.

Use with a T-RACK rear roof frame for mounting work lighting, reversing camera and rear warning lights.

Quick info

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Benefits with S-BAR

  • Easy installation of position lights.
  • Increase safety by being seen in the dark with position lights.
  • Mounts in your cars premade installation points.
  • Manufactured in aluminum which is a light material that don't weigh down your car.
  • Can be delivered with position lights mounted.


  • Product group: S45R-2
  • Pipe dimension: Ø60mm
  • Total lenght: 2630mm för L2
  • Wheelbase L2: 3665mm, Lastvolym H2L2:10,5m3

Information About This Car Model

  • S-BAR is installed to the folded edge of the sill box.
  • Mounting does not require any force to your car.
  • NOTE! Do not fit Sprinter FWD.

Time To Install

  • 1h30min


Installation Sheet