T-RACK front low roofbar MAN H3 TGE 17-

T-RACK makes it easy to be seen in the dark! T-RACK front roof frame is developed to be able to safely mount a LED-lamp or extra headlight on the roof of your car.

It is also possible to install work lighting that simplifies work in the dark and warning lights to meet the requirements for working next to the road.

Use with a T-RACK rear roof frame for mounting work lighting, reversing camera and rear warning lights.

Quick info

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Benefits with T-RACK

  • Easy to mount LED-lights, extra headlights for safer drive on unlit roads.
  • T-RACK is mounted in to the roofs premade installation points.
  • Fulfills requirement to work next to roads in Sweden when mounting warning lights on front and back of car.
  • Work lights makes it easier to work in dark next to the car.
  • Manufactured in aluminium which is light and does not affect your cars weight.
  • Can be delivered with lights pre installed.


  • Product group: F82-3, for H3 (High roof, 2590mm)
  • Pipe dimension;60mm
  • B2 = 1430mm, B1 = 1370mm, L = 490mm
  • Weight: 6,0kg
  • WLTP Frontarea: 0,009m2

Information about this car model

  • Roofbar adapted for LED-light bars.
    Instead of roofbar, reaching down towards the windshield and used with traditional lamps, this roofbar is mounted higher up on the roof.
  • Extra magnetic- or universalbrackets can be needed when heavier equipment are mounted. See accessories.
  • The product is mounted in existing fixpoints.

Time to install

  • 30 minutes


Installation Sheet