T-RACK MAXI roofbar Toyota Hilux 16- GSX Alpha

T-RACK Maxi is designed to best equip your hood / dog hood / cabinet on your pickup car with the extra lighting you want.

There is the possibility of installing a LED-light, warning lights, work lamps and position lights with easy installation directly on the roof frame.

Quick info

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Benefits with T-RACK

  • All lights mounted in the same place.
  • Easy to work in the dark by mounting work lights.
  • Makes it easier to search for dogs during hunting.
  • Fulfills the requirement when working next to the road in Sweden when mounting at least 4 warning lights.
  • Makes your drive more safe with extra lights.
  • Manufactured in aluminium which is light and does not affect your cars weight.
  • Can be delivered with lights pre-mounted.


  • Product group: BB-1 (x2) for caps on Double Cab
  • Pipe dimension: Ø60mm
  • Weight: 6,1kg
  • WLTP Frontarea: 0,058m2
  • C-C infästning: 1015mm (+/-10mm)
  • A = 980mm, B = 985 mm

Information About This Car Model

  • Mounts on rails with adapter.
  • For caps mounted on Double Cab.

Time To Install

  • 2 Hours


Installation Sheet